woensdag 16 april 2008

Just some things..

I'm back with a couple of new things i've made ;)
I've made a wallpaper, and made a new banner from it that you can see on top of my blog.
I also made a virtual tune for a friend of mine, it's nothing special, just kept it simple.

dinsdag 8 april 2008

Live For Speed: My Skins

I'm playing a game for some while, called Live For Speed, it's the ultimate driving simulation out here in games world, it's developed by only 3 men, so it isn't reeeaally beautifull, but good enough, and it isn't about the graphics, but about the physics (how the car reacts). The physics are just so good, you think that you're driving a real car. Some cars a easy to handle, and some not (espacially rear wheel driven ones).
So if you want to learn how to drive a car, just play this game, before you take driving lessons.
I think it will encourage and help you ;)

But enough about that, i just want you to show my skins, made for the cars in this game, i've done it all with Photoshop.
I've made some video's of em, recorded with Fraps and edited with Sony Vegas 8 Pro.
So just lay back and enjoy :)

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part III.V

Some Things..

Here are some things i've made this week :)