donderdag 4 december 2008


A couple of days ago i made this teaser.
It's about a car i'm going to reveal soon.

So stay tuned for the full pic!

New Blog

I just launched a new blog with my girlfriend :)
It's still under construction, but it's gonna be good ;).

So go and take a look! 

woensdag 24 september 2008

Long time ago...


It's been a while since i updated this blog, so i thougt it was time for some updates ;)
Uploaded a new header, as you can see, hope you like it :)
I'm gonna show you some new chops :)

woensdag 16 april 2008

Just some things..

I'm back with a couple of new things i've made ;)
I've made a wallpaper, and made a new banner from it that you can see on top of my blog.
I also made a virtual tune for a friend of mine, it's nothing special, just kept it simple.

dinsdag 8 april 2008

Live For Speed: My Skins

I'm playing a game for some while, called Live For Speed, it's the ultimate driving simulation out here in games world, it's developed by only 3 men, so it isn't reeeaally beautifull, but good enough, and it isn't about the graphics, but about the physics (how the car reacts). The physics are just so good, you think that you're driving a real car. Some cars a easy to handle, and some not (espacially rear wheel driven ones).
So if you want to learn how to drive a car, just play this game, before you take driving lessons.
I think it will encourage and help you ;)

But enough about that, i just want you to show my skins, made for the cars in this game, i've done it all with Photoshop.
I've made some video's of em, recorded with Fraps and edited with Sony Vegas 8 Pro.
So just lay back and enjoy :)

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part III.V

Some Things..

Here are some things i've made this week :)

woensdag 26 maart 2008

Some Chops..

it's been a while since i posted some chops, so here are some, hope you like it.


Some pictures

Here are some pictures i made this week, they are edited with photoshop, to make em look nice (color adjustments).
Enjoy :)

dinsdag 11 maart 2008

Work In Progress

I just wanted to show y'all a work in progress of my new project, a complete restoration of a muscle car, all brushed with photoshop ;)

NOTE: It is a W.I.P.
Final version:

For the original car look here:

Do You Live For Speed?

Hey peeps
Just made another video for the game Live For Speed.
I used Fraps to record, and Sony Vegas to edit the video, hope you like it ;)

Honda Civic

This time i chopped one of my favorite cars, the Honda Civic, did it for a friend of mine ;)

donderdag 21 februari 2008

LFS : Ready or not

Just finished another video, about the game Live For Speed, go ahead and watch it ;)
Made with Fraps+Sony Vegas..

Higher Quality:

vrijdag 15 februari 2008

New video

Hey there,
I just made another video, this time it's a video about one of my favorite games : Live For Speed.
I made it with Sony Vegas, and yeah i can say i'm proud of it, so hurry up and watch it! :)

dinsdag 12 februari 2008


Just made a new video, it's a promo video for this blog, check it out ;)

vrijdag 8 februari 2008


Hey peeps,
As you may have seen, i've posted some video's from my youtube channel on the right side of this blog, so go on and check it out!


donderdag 7 februari 2008

Just Posting

I just started this blog, so i just got to fill it up a bit, with a couple of chops i've done last week.

High Res!

High Res!
High Res!

Just Finished

Hey all,
I'm back, this time with a new chop i finished
*I mean i virtually tuned a vehicle with photoshop

So take a look at it :)

First message!

Hey all,
This is my new blog, i started it because i wanted to show people what i do in my spare time, like photoshopping and making pictures, and maybe i'll show you more, just keep watching, and i'll insure you, you will enjoy it :)